Container Home on Wheels for Affordable Housing Charity

Container Home on Wheels for Affordable Housing Charity

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Your donation will help PUSH Ministry continue to provide homes to low-income families in Atlanta. By donating to the PUSH ATL Community Building Community Initiative, you can help provide homes that are safe, comfortable, and affordable. Your donation will help us achieve the following objectives: 1. Donations will be used to help purchase and develop land or existing properties to construct new units of affordable housing. 2. Donations will be used to help fund the renovation or rehabilitation of existing affordable housing units, helping to keep local residents in their neighborhoods, and reducing gentrification. 3. Donations will be used to support organizations that are working to advocate for policies that create and preserve affordable housing. We thank you for your generous donation and for your help in making PUSH ATL a success. Your support will help us to continue to provide homes to those in need and make Atlanta a better place to live. Together, we can make a difference. Our hardworking and dedicated staff have worked tirelessly to create innovative solutions to the housing crisis that plagues many communities. PUSH Ministry's approach to building and preserving affordable housing is a simple yet effective one; we work directly with the community to identify the best solution for their particular needs. We identify and acquire land, design and develop new properties, and work with local authorities to secure the necessary permits and approvals. In addition to building new properties, PUSH Ministry also works to rehabilitate existing structures. We work with local partners to identify and acquire properties that are in need of repair and renovation. Once acquired, PUSH Ministry works to ensure that the properties are brought up to code and are safe and secure for the residents. PUSH Ministry's work has been a godsend for many communities across the country. From providing affordable homes to creating jobs and stimulating the local economy, PUSH Ministry has been instrumental in creating a better future for many people. Equitable Hiring: PUSH Ministry is dedicated to providing opportunities for minority communities in low-income areas. We recognize the importance of keeping funds circulating within the community, so we've made it a priority to hire skilled labor from these communities. PUSH Ministry works to ensure that our hires have the necessary skills to complete projects, while also providing access to resources and training to help them advance their knowledge and experience. By investing in our local community, PUSH Ministry is helping to create a more prosperous and stable future for everyone. TINY HOME ON WHEELS Studio with a full bathroom and kitchen - Can comfortably accommodate two adults, or one child and one adult The Tiny Home on Wheels is secured to a custom chassis, which makes it an ideal solution for transport. The tiny home is equipped with internal electric, plumbing, and heating and cooling systems that allow you to live virtually anywhere it's parked: 148 square feet of heated living space Studio with private bathroom Composting toilet (no need for black water tank) 4.0 Gal electric tankless water heater Double Axle trailer 12,500 lbs rated w/ electric brakes full lights and leveling jacks Closed-cell spray foam insulation on floor, walls, and ceiling Full-size front door w/ deadbolt lock Aluminum windows Waterproof luxury vinyl plank flooring Full Kitchenette: cabinets, fridge, countertop & stove burners, sink, storage Full Bathroom: shower enclosure, vanity, sink, ceiling light with vent fan LED lights and 5 electrical outlets Rooftop AC Unit with heat pump & remote Low-flow faucets 30-gallon greywater tank, 30-gallon clean water tank The exterior is finished with durable and low-maintenance metal siding, while the interior boasts a contemporary finish with high-end finishes and fixtures. The home is built to withstand the elements. This home is constructed from a repurposed one-trip shipping container and sits on a trailer frame for easy mobility. The interior is well-lit and spacious, with a full bathroom, kitchenette, and ample storage space.

A note from Push ministry Inc : We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising money for affordable housing. We believe that everyone deserves a safe, secure place to live, and we are committed to helping make that dream a reality. Thank you to all of the generous donors. We greatly appreciate all of the chapters that are participating in these important programs, and we wish you good luck with your bids!

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